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Automotix : Products & Services

Automotix is the company where you can find and buy different automobile parts. They provide car parts and truck parts etc. You can also find insurance information, news related to automotive, newsletters and car/truck forums. This company also provides used cars and those people who are interested can purchase them easily. The link of the company products is

With this many cars and trucks on the roads today, the salvage / repairable vehicle market has been booming Automotix offers an marketplace for you to sell, buy and locate damaged cars or trucks. Their network of 200+ top salvage yards and recyclers offers used engines and used transmissions for sale with 1-year warranty and 90-day price guarantee. The inventory includes gas engines, diesel engines, domestic auto & truck engines, Japanese engines, and used manual & automatic transmissions. Buy direct from the yard that stock your engine or transmission!

Automotix : Company Background

Their used parts inventory includes all part types, with a wide selection of bumpers, headlights, grilles, mirrors, fenders, steering columns and many more. Automotix only offers the highest quality used car and truck parts with a low price guarantee and a 1-year warranty. Check out their online catalog and save time and money. Auto industry experts are waiting to serve your auto part needs. Save money and help the environment by gaining the value of used auto parts. For a better tomorrow, buy recycled auto parts! For a better tomorrow, buy recycled auto parts!

After years of research and analysis of the "Doing Online business" problem, they have created the best solution for the automotive industry's commerce needs. The Automotix solution was born out of frustrations -- the inability of online automotive services to provide a commerce environment for online sellers and buyers to conduct business fairly, to provide access to products and services with speed and with minimal labor involved, and to keep the data collected in an organized fashion. Not to mention the outrageous expense of marketing and maintaining an e-commerce website. The cost of doing business online continues to climb, as the availability of free search engines and directories diminishes.

The Automotix is the short name for “Automotive Instant Exchange” and this company was made for people who want to sell and purchase vehicles through internet. Automotix is the only platform where people can sell and buy cars, trucks, automotive parts, their software’s, antique cars, damaged cars etc. This website has a large team who help people to find their desired car within their range.

Automotix : Customer Feedback & Reviews

Those customers who purchased different accessories from automotix love this company as they provide excellent service. Their reviews can be seen on different websites like CNet etc. The link where the ratings can be seen is .When a person places an order they send the product within time limit.

"We live in Tucson Az and get very nasty monsoon rains in the summer. Last week my wife was dodging puddles and hit her tire hard on the edge of a fresh pothole. it broke the bead on the tire AND bent the rim of her passenger front on a 2006 hyundai elantra. It being an aluminum alloy rim , it was toast--cracked and the tire dept at Wally World wouldn't touch it. So my search began. Automotix had the lowest price at $111 + shipping & tax--$134 total. The nearest lower price was 175 and as high as 225 from other vendors. Like other people, I stumbled upon the bad reviews & held my breath. The order was placed sunday on the website--the replacement wheel arrived friday the same week. I was expecting a boneyard wheel--dirty, caked with brake dust etc.. NOPE--it looked like a damn factory new rim!! Near as I can figure, this rim may have come from a tire shop that yanked the stock rims from a relatively new car when they put custom rims on and had this one to sell--it was really that clean. All I can say is they didn't screw me over in any way whatsoever. my only criticism is that the tracking on the website didn't update & I had to call for status and the UPS number for the shipment--minor customer service ding there" from

"Great place. I ordered an engine off the website but was called and told it was already sold. Staff was very nice and they sold me an engine that was actually from a newer year with less miles. Engine still running strong 30k later. Could not be happier. "from

Automotix : Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

This website is trust worthy and people can easily purchase different items of their car and trucks. This company is verified from Trust-E. It’s also verified from Customer Verification and people can close their eyes and can buy different products. This company doesn’t have any media outlet but they provide assistance on their website. People who need any help can contact them and their team will respond you immediately.

Automotix : Website Popularity & Google Ranking

The ranking of this company on Google is at #3. The rank of this company on reseller ratings is low. It’s 3.33 out of 10 and the link where the ranking can be seen is: This company provides safe shopping and it’s also certified from Trustee. Moreover it’s also customer certified and people can trust this company while placing an order.

Automotix : Social Media Presence

This company also has their social media pages on Facebook and Twitter. The fan following on facebook is not so well. Moreover the feedback given on facebook is positive by most of the people. Few people have also given negative comments. This company is not running any blog and they also never update their facebook page on daily, weekly or monthly basis. The link of facebook for this company is: and the link of the twitter is On twitter this company has huge fan following and they update their page on regular basis. They tweet regularly so that their fans can be updated regarding their services and products.

Automotix : Website Security & Safety

Automotix is a licensee of the TRUSTe Web Privacy Seal Program. TRUSTe is an independent organization whose mission is to build user's trust and confidence in the Internet by promoting the use of fair information practices. This privacy statement covers the Web site.
This website is safe to make sale and purchase. As they are certified by trust worthy. This website is also secured by Geo-Trust. Moreover this company is also certified for its customers. So it’s safe to make sale and purchase through their website and you don’t have to worry about your payments. The link of Google diagnostic to check the safety measures of this company is

Automotix : Pricing & Packages

When ordering from Automotix, there's always money to be saved. Not only do they offer the best prices in the industry, but if you order multiple auto parts from them, you'll receive some great savings via our accumulative discount: The more you buy, the more you save.

They are positive that you'll find the best prices at Automotix. In fact, they are so confident that they run a 30-day price-match guarantee on all parts sold by Automotix. There's no hidden agenda or read-between-the-lines rhetoric to contend with - if you can find the part anywhere for less than what Automotix is charging - with their quality and warranty features - they will make up the difference. Shop there and also receive an oem used part guarantee that you'll save both time and money.

2000 Porsche 911 Alternator for Discount Price:$171.00

2009 Jeep Compass Air Flow Meter/Sensor for Discount Price:$80.00

2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cargo Cover for Discount Price:$91.00

Automotix : Shipping Rates & Policies

They ship used auto and truck parts (excluding Hoods, Catalytic Converters, Rear Axle Carriers, Back windows and Fuel Tanks) to anywhere in the US and many international locations. They offer free Shipping within the continental 48 US States. There are no third party fees, freight fees or mark ups. These savings are passed on to you our customer. Now you the customer can buy directly from the source of the recycled auto parts. . Customer feed back say they ship on time and customers get their products easily. The company has a policy that they only ship to the mailing addresses and they never ship to P.O. box numbers.

Automotix : Payment Methods Accepted

This company receives payment through credit cards, PayPal, Master card and American express. So if you want to purchase any product you can pay by using these methods, they are safe and trust worthy. Whenever you want to purchase any product from this company you can trust them and you don’t have to think about your credit cards numbers.

Automotix : Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

Automotix do not have any Return / Refund Policy . So if you had placed an order you have to use the product that was purchased by you. You cannot ask the company to keep the product and you need your money back. If you don’t like the product customer care will ask you the reason and you can explain the details.

Automotix : Product images & screenshots
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